Account Ownership

You own anything we set up for you. Any ad accounts, any copy, any design, any landing pages — everything!

Suggested Ad Spend

  • Paid Directly to Ad Network
  • The ad budget varies depending on the client’s goals & objectives


We use the following ad networks:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Local Services Ads
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads (Meta)
  • Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads)
  • AdRoll
  • Outbrain
  • Taboola
PPC process

Research & Analysis

During the onboarding call, we learn more about your business and discuss a strategy covering how we will help you reach your objective.

Discover KPIs

Figure out what our Key Performance Indicators will be. Is it a sale on the website? Form submit? Newsletter subscription?

Uncovering Your Target Audience

Analyze your target audience to discover the keywords, audiences, etc. we can use in your campaigns.

Competitor Research

Study your competitors and discover weak points to use/avoid in our campaigns.

Ad Design and Development

Write your ad copy and design banner ads for your paid search campaign.

Landing Page Optimization

Create a landing page specific to the keywords we are targeting for your campaign. Sometimes your website services or product pages would be a better fit than developing a landing page. If this is the case we would utilize your current website.


setting up ppc campaigns

Setup Tracking Codes

Set up KPIs (conversion tracking) and provide your company with effective ROI reporting. It’s important we know what is working and what is not. We monitor this daily so that we can maximize your ROI.

Setup Campaigns

Once ad copy, keyword research, landing page creation, conversion tracking, and data feeds are completed we will begin structuring your ad account with a high ROI in mind.


Many prospects do not convert the first time they visit your website. We will create ads to follow them around the internet to show them your advertisements over and over again.

Weekly Tasks

Conversion Reporting

Closely watch KPIs to ensure they are tracking correctly and ensure results are positively increasing.

Bid Management

Monitor your bids to ensure that they are performing correctly and make adjustments to bids to improve conversions.

Ad Management

Review your quality scores and ad relevance to ensure campaigns remain high-performing.

Campaign Management

Analyze KPIs and other account features to provide useful insights for ongoing strategy and optimization.

Timeline of Process

Week 1 — Research and analyze keywords, determine KPIs & benchmarks, review competition, define keywords, and set up campaigns based on a strategy that maximizes brand awareness, quality website traffic, and focuses on producing a high ROI.

Week 2 — Set up conversion tracking, create campaigns, submit ads for approval, and start your campaigns.

Week 3 — Analyze results from your campaigns and make necessary adjustments to improve results by closely monitoring KPIs, keywords, ad copy, bidding strategies, landing pages, and data feeds.

Ongoing effort — Review KPIs, keywords, ad copy, bidding strategies, landing pages, and data feed to maximize conversions, increase traffic, and produce a high ROI.

Monthly Expectations

Monthly Reports – At the beginning of every month, you will get a report going over data from the previous month.

Month 1 – Mostly data collection and setup, it’s likely to get conversions, however, the best performance will come as we focus down and test effectively.

Month 2 – Improve quality score, lower cost per click, focus on campaigns that are performing better, get better conversions.

Month 3 – Improve quality score, lower cost per click, tweak campaigns, move more budget into the best performing campaigns and pause campaigns that are under performing.

Ongoing months – Is a repeat of month 3, we will continue to eliminate what’s not performing and moving your budget into what is working the best, conversions will continue to grow and your cost per click will be lower the longer we run.

Our Main Strategies & Goals

1) To get maximum number of quality conversions for the lowest cost possible

2) To maximize quality score which will lower your cost per click

3) To setup extremely focused campaigns that focus on small groups of keywords


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