PPC Advertising: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google AdWords?

Keyword match type is an essential aspect of Google AdWords since it tells Google how broad or restricted you want to be with your targeted audience when running pay-per-click ad campaigns. Google has four different keyword match types that impact these advertising campaigns in different ways. Here’s a brief overview of each of the four types of keyword matches.

The quality of your Google AdWords results will depend on the overall competitiveness of the keyword you’re targetting. The positioning of your ads is determined by your ad rank, and the highest ad rank gets the 1st position in sponsored results. The cost-per-click for Google AdWords results is determined by the ad rank of the next highest slot divided by the quality score of your site. The quality score of an ad is determined by how relevant and useful it is to the keyword search that is performed.

What is Google Analytics and Why Does It Matter?

Google Analytics is a free tool that gives you more information about how your visitors are interacting with your website. You can see the country they’re from, the browser they’re using, how long they stayed on the site, which pages they clicked, and much more detailed information that can help you decide the best direction to grow your site. So here’s why Google analytics matters for every site on the internet.

Specific metrics can help you target your audience better, especially if you’re advertising a niche product that is only of interest to a particular age group or gender. This sort of information can help you make informed decisions on who you should be targetting for your digital marketing campaigns. So the short of why Google Analytics matters is because it delivers both user acquisition data and user behavior data. Acquisition data tells you where the user came from before visiting your site, while behavior data shows you which pages they browsed on your website while there.

This information can help you set up targeted Adgroups for better CPC performance with Google AdWords.


How Many Ad Groups Should be in a Single Campaign?

An Ad Group is how Google AdWords keeps track of keywords, text ads, and landing pages dedicated to an ad campaign. They’re essential for ad campaigns because search engines like Google look at the keywords that will show your ads, what your ad will say once it is live, and how the visitor will be directed if they manage to click your ad campaign.

You can have multiple Ad Groups in a single campaign, but you should be aware that the Quality Score of your Ad Group will determine the cost of running the campaign for the keywords you’re targetting. You should also strive to maintain relevant keywords for your advertising campaign, as that helps turn visitors into conversions. Google also effectively ranks how well your ads are performing for your targetted keywords to make sure advertisers are actually providing value to their search results.

Conversion tracking assistance can help you determine how well your Ad Group is performing. Overall, you should be focused on hyper-specific keywords and audiences based on what you know about them from Google analytics.

How Many Ads Should be in a Single Adgroup?

To set up an efficient Ad Group, you should strive for two to three ads to start with, depending on the number of impressions you’re getting per week. Never create so many advertisements that each individual ad gets less than 500 impressions per ad, per week. Google AdWords management services can help you find the keywords you should target with your Ad Group with laser precision.

Where Can I Find Conversion Tracking Assistance?

Google AdWords management services are also able to help you discover which keywords are giving you the most website conversions with their conversion tracking assistance experience. Conversions are purchases, sign-ups, and other actions completed by customers that create value for your website. The whole goal of using Google AdWords and analytics for digital marketing is to generate conversions. A digital marketing company with experience in managing Ad Groups and keyword research can help you attain a higher conversion goal than you could on your own.

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