Local Business listings management

Maintaining your businesses’ presence online goes beyond just having a website and social media presence. You also need to control how your brand appears across major search engines. Keeping this information up-to-date and accurate is crucial.

What Is a Small Business Directory?

A web directory is a list of websites by subject or niche. It is maintained and curated by humans, making it an invaluable resource. Small business directories are typically much smaller than search engine databases and return local business listings in their results.

A small business directory is important for small businesses to find local customers who may be searching for services online. A business directory submission can be done by hand, which makes them invaluable to local businesses.

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Do Local Business Listings Matter?


Since these local business listings are searchable online, they are invaluable for helping with search engine optimization. SEO is important for your small business as it helps local customers find you easier. You can optimize the keywords included on your small business directory listing for maximum SEO exposure.

Most business directories are available online for free, though some require a fee to maintain a listing. Before choosing which directories to include your business in, consider these tips.

– Directories that use keyword anchor text can negatively impact your business.
– Directories that include a link to add your own are not curated and may be spammy.

The domain authority of the directory can impact your search rankings.

Are There Different Types of Local Business Listings?

The short answer to this question is yes; there are different types of business listings for locals. You should seek to include your business in as many of these directories as is relevant. Some examples of niche business listings include:

– Real Estate Directories
– Event Directories
– Job Directories
– Hotel & Restaurant Directories (think Yelp)
– City Directories (very important for local SEO)
– Classifieds Directories (think Craigslist)
– Travel directories (think Kayak)
– Business Directory
– Video Directory (think YouTube)

As you can see, there are a variety of different business directories available online. Some of the largest sites we use on the web are directories for other content. You can combine the directories your content is listed on to reach more people on the web.

Citation Audit and Cleanup Services


The difference between appearing at the top of Google search results and on the second page is night and day. ModernPPC’s citations cleanup service can help you get your business information changed on 50+ business directories.

Business directory auditing is useful if you have changed locations or phone number. Remnants of your old address and phone number can linger online, creating a frustrating experience for customers. Through an extensive citation audit, all of this old information can be cleaned up across multiple sites.

ModernPPC Citation Audit Features

– Update incorrect citations
– Remove duplicate citations
– Add missing citations
– Enhance your existing citations
– Detailed reporting for all citations added, removed, or updated

Local Business Listings Management

ModernPPC focuses on making sure that local business listings on core search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are problem-free. These citations are optimized for your chosen keywords to appeal to your local customers. The relevancy of your citation is highly crucial to appear in local search visibility. You can increase your local rankings just using a business directory submission service to clean up your business citations.

Local Business Listings Pricing Table

Pricing: Plan #1) $599 for directory cleanup; Plan #2) $299 for 50+ citation submissions; Plan #3) $899 for directory cleanup & 50+ citation submissions

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