What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a social network that works much like Facebook or Twitter, but with a focus on sharing photos and videos. These photos and videos are displayed in a News Feed that can be browsed by the public.

You can follow specific people and brands on Instagram, much like Twitter and Facebook. Instagram also features a direct message feature that works just like Twitter.

How Does Instagram Advertising Work?

In June 2018, Instagram hit over 1 billion monthly active users for the platform. That number makes it worth running ads on Facebook and Instagram to target your niche audiences.

Much like Facebook, Instagram allows you to target a hyper-niche audience of people who are the most likely to engage with your brand. Here’s everything you need to know about running an Instagram advertising campaign.

What Instagram Ad Objectives Can You Choose From?

Before you run out and hire an ads manager for Instagram, you should be aware of ad objectives and how they can help your business. Instagram advertising campaigns come in a wide variety of goals.

Brand Awareness

Helping spread the word about your brand online.


Getting more eyeballs on your brand.


Driving traffic to your site with content posts.

App Installs

New installs of your application on iOS and Android.


Creating repeat followers engaging with your brand on Instagram.

Video Views

Followers engaging with the video content uploaded.


Followers clicking through your website to buy a product or service.

ads manager for Instagram and Facebook

Each of these different types of Instagram ads serves a purpose in building your businesses’ online presence.

Your online advertising campaign should include at least three different types of Instagram ads, which target various growth aspects for your business. An ads manager for Instagram can help you decide which ad objectives would be most effective for your business niche.

What Types of Instagram Ads Are Available?

Instagram ads focus mainly on promoting products and services through photo and video content. The media-heavy approach drives engagement through the roof, especially when combined with things like contests.

You should be willing to have engaging photos and video content for your Instagram account. Any ads manager for Instagram will tell you to get a high-quality camera, either a DSLR camera or a high-end smartphone before you start taking pictures. Great looking and engaging photos will do infinitely better than blurry or hard to make out content.

Will Advertising on Instagram Get High-Quality Traffic?

The short answer to this question is yes, Instagram can drive high-quality traffic and conversions to your website. It is an excellent opportunity for promoting your business online to a hyper-niche audience. You can set your businesses’ website in the profile for website conversions. Using a call to action on image posts also increases website engagement.

Including your website’s URL in all video content produced on Instagram is another good strategy for brand awareness. The many different types of Instagram ads can also help promote your brand site-wide, rather than just to a small subset of followers.

How Much Do Instagram Ads Cost?

The average Instagram ads cost is around $0.50-$1.00 CPC. CPC stands for cost-per-click, which means you only pay if someone clicks on the ad. Instagram ads cost is determined by the niche the ad will appear in, which means highly competitive niches will cost more. The CPC for a competitive industry like apparel can be up to $3.00 per click.

It can cost more to advertise on Instagram versus Facebook, but conversions for products like apparel can offer a high ROI. Out of all the social media advertising platforms, ROI is estimated to be highest on Instagram.

Interested in Hiring a Local Instagram Advertising Company?

Are you interested in creating a new advertising campaign for Instagram for your business? We offer expert advice on the ads manager for Instagram, helping you micro-target your online audience for maximum conversions. Whether your goal is brand awareness, website conversions, or general reach we can help grow your brand using Instagram.

Our Main Strategies & Goals

1) To get the maximum number of quality conversions for the lowest cost possible

2) To maximize relevance score which will lower your ad cost

3) To setup extremely focused campaigns that focus on winning targeted audiences & ads


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