Google Maps Business Listing

For the most part, Google Maps is how the vast majority of us get directions. Whether we’re trying to find the best Mexican food or we’re going on vacation, Google Maps is what we use to direct us to our destination. With that said, and the platform’s growing popularity, you are leaving money on the table if your business doesn’t have a Google local business listing.

How to Get Listed on Google Maps

You can get your business on Google Maps by listing it on Google My Business. By registering with Google My Business, your business will be searchable on Google Maps.

People generally only pay attention to the top 3 listings on Google Maps, so to claim one of those spots your business needs to be properly registered and optimized on Google My Business.

With an optimized Google local business listing, new customers will see your business as they search for your products/services. If your listing appeals to them, there’s a really good chance they’re going to contact you via phone or by showing up to your actual location.

Below is a screenshot of a simple search for ‘Mexican food near me’. We outlined the Google Maps section in green. If your business isn’t in the top 3 spots for your product/service, you’re basically giving money away to your competition.

If you click ‘More places’ you will be brought to a maps page. We took a screenshot of what that looks like and drew arrows that point to the clusters of other Mexican restaurants that aren’t in the top 3 spots. Note how many are practically handing money to their competition.

mexican food near me Google Search
mexican food near me on google maps

Are you still wondering why the top 3 listings can lead to more customers? It’s because they’re the first thing people see when they search for your product/service in your area.

Google My Business is heavily focused on local search results since it makes it easier on customers who live nearby to find you. People generally only pay attention to the top 3 listings on Google Maps, so it’s crucial to claim one of those spots. In order to do so your business needs to be properly registered and optimized on Google Maps.

In order to get new customers online via Google Maps, you need to register on Google My Business and leave your customers with a destination they can go to. This takes time and special techniques to properly optimize a Google local business listing. It’s a smart choice to hire Google Maps experts like us to manage your Google maps listing.

Why Is Google Local Business Listing So Important?


Google Maps show up almost every time somebody searches “your product/service + your city”. A good amount of people recognize that these listings are not paid ads and these listings also show your reviews. For these reasons alone, it’s very important to show up and be in the top 3 spots on Google Maps.

Google Maps Is the #1 Mapping Software

If you still don’t see the power of creating a Google business listing, go grab your phone real fast. When looking for a business or product/service, many people open the ‘Maps’ app on their phone and start searching. To be more clear, this is what over 50% of us do.

Google Maps is the number 1 mapping software around today.

On your phone, try searching for “[Your Product/Service] + [Your Area]”. Do you see your business? Are you in the top 3 spots? This is where you want to be to attract more online customers.

Does ModernPPC Believe In Google Maps?

We believe in Google Maps 110%. We see great amounts of traffic and new customers from the top Google Maps listings. Another reason we believe in it is that Google itself believes in maps. As time goes on they will continue to invest in making maps better, easier, and simpler; therefore, giving users better results.

Schedule a time to talk and let us create you a personalized Google local business listing. People are searching for what your business offers right now. We know how to get your business in front of them. Contact us today!


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