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5.38X Return on Google Ads

Spent $81.5k and generated $439k!

google ads results

9.81X Return on Google Ads

Spent $221k and generated $2.17m!

google ads results

4.55X Return on Google Ads

Spent $9,062 and generated $41,192!

ecommerce revenue reporting by modernppc

9X Return on Google’s Dynamic Search Ads… Starting Off Strong!

Spent $705 and generated $6,761 ! ! !

dsa campaigns work well for MPPC

13X Return on Google Smart Shopping Ads 🎉

Spent $1,377 and generated $18,025!

huge roas for MPPC

30 Days: $8.3k Spent, 185 Leads, $45/Lead, $0.81 CPC

185 leads costing $45 per lead with an overall cost of $8.3K.

lead gen works with google ads and modernppc

Offered Services

We have your solution to the following.

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Microsoft Ads (Bing)
  • Website design (small 5-20 page websites)
  • Conversion / ROI tracking

If any of those are pain points… it’s a good choice to reach out to us. With years of experience in solving these types of problems, we’re the best Coeur d’Alene advertising agency.

When working with us, you’d get a custom-built ad campaign mirroring the content found on your website. You’d also have access to a system that allows you to easily see what ads are driving revenue.

Top-Notch Results 💰

11X Return

$200/day ad spend with 11X ROAS! (Return On Ad Spend)

successfully scaling a clothing brand

4.34X Return on $8,568 in Ad Spend

This next brand sells folding poker tables at a premium price. We’ve helped them create and grow their Google Ads account from scratch. They generally see a 4.34X return each month. Read the full case study here.

$52 Leads on Google Ads

$13.4k spent on Google Ads and generated 260 leads for $52/lead!

great lead gen google ads results mppc

Lowered Cost by $74 Per Lead

We helped this Eye Doctor bring his cost per lead down from $163/lead to $89/lead. Read the full case study here.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important? 🤔

We get it. Looking for new and innovative ways to market your business can be a challenge. You know about digital marketing and how it can be really valuable to your company. It’s vital that you grow and establish your internet presence. Using search engine optimization and pay-per-click plans can increase your brand’s success by as much as eighty percent if you’re doing things right.

Not sure about the specifics of digital marketing or how exactly it’s important? Let’s talk about some of the reasons why this is an important marketing strategy for your business.

The Popularity of the Internet

There are more than 7.7 billion people in the world that use the internet in some capacity.

Spokane advertising agency can target anyone on the world-wide web

Many people are spending large portions of their day online, while others use it to quickly search up local businesses, read their news, do some shopping, etc. Since a lot of your customers are online, it makes sense to reach them here. If you are missing from the worldwide web, you can be disregarded by a lot of people.

Pay Attention to the Competition

Chances are your competition already has an internet presence. 😱

If they have profiles on social media, they’re using SEO on their website, and they’re running paid advertisements — you might be behind a bit.

In order to compete with similar brands, you’ll need to generate traffic in the same way that they are. You can even use digital marketing through our Coeur d’Alene advertising agency to compete with some of the biggest brands in your market. Most major retailers have a very successful internet presence. You’ll need to show people online that you have something to offer them.

Targeting Your Audience

Digital marketing can be tailored to a certain audience if you’re using an experienced advertising agency. Being able to promote yourself to the people who need your services most is a great way to ensure that you’re targeting the right audience with your promotional materials and information.

Monitoring Your Results 📈

Digital marketing allows you the opportunity to track your results in a way that you can’t with things like direct mailings or commercials.

When you’re investing time and money, it’s nice to have a method for confirming that you’re doing the right thing. Monitoring results through tracking programs like Google Analytics or other various tracking tools allows us to easily see what is working and what is not working.

Exact information allows you to make any necessary changes.

For example) In the screenshot below you will see a green box around a data column. You’ll notice a bunch of zeros in the column. This tells us that this client’s staff members aren’t calling the leads/appointments.

call tracking in custom CRM

With proper tracking, you can pinpoint what needs improvement. Clearly, in this particular case, this client needs to assign a staff member to phone duty! If the leads aren’t being called then you can’t expect great results.

Return on Investment

When you invest money in your digital marketing plan, you’ll get a lot of your money right back. In many cases, your profits will soar from making some small changes in how you market yourself to people through the internet. Not to mention, digital marketing is very cost-effective.

investing in digital marketing is a wise decision

Getting Started

After learning more about digital marketing and why it’s important, you’re probably wondering how you can get started?

You can contact our Coeur d’Alene advertising agency for more information by submitting your contact details below. We’ll talk to you a bit regarding the best ways to make use of your digital marketing strategy so you can brand awareness and more success. If you already have a digital marketing strategy, there may be ways that our Coeur d’Alene advertising agency can help improve your presence and reputation. We’ll take a look at the results that you’ve been getting, and we’ll see what kind of improvements can be made or incorporated.

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