Leadpages Page Builder Review

Leadpages Landing Page Software Review

Building a successful website means engaging people with unique opportunities to generate sales. Leadpages helps you grow your active leads by collecting email subscribers through highly engaging landing pages. You don’t have to be a web design whizz to use the service, as the Leadpages page builder features many different template options. Benefits of Leadpages..

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Convertri Page Builder Review

When it comes to online business, one very important feature that you should utilize is your sales funnel. The only problem is, it has typically been notoriously difficult to set one up. With so many different features, options and moving parts, it is imperative that you have a good page builder to get things going…

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Are Facebook Brand Awareness Ads Effective?

Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to help grow your business, but there are different types of advertising to consider. While most advertising is geared toward generating sales and leads as soon as possible, brand awareness focuses on building brands in the public perception. Facebook can deliver fantastic short-term advertising results, but brand..

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What Are Four Keyword Match Types in Google Ads ModernPPC ad agency

What Are Four Keyword Match Types in Google Ads?

Keyword match type is an essential aspect of Google AdWords since it tells Google how broad or restricted you want to be with your targeted audience when running pay-per-click ad campaigns. Google has four different keyword match types that impact these advertising campaigns in different ways. Here’s a brief overview of each of the four..

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PPC Advertising: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google AdWords? Google Adwords is the world’s most popular advertising system that operates on an auction setup. Advertisers can bid on keywords for search results with ads that will appear alongside the returned search. This is the primary way Google makes money from returning search results, but there are plenty of other factors..

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Marketing Mistakes That Waste Money

  Nobody likes wasting money on things that don’t work. A lot of companies already operate on a tight budget, so spending money on inefficient advertising isn’t an option. We’ve made a list of nine mistakes small business make to lose money with bad marketing AND we explain how to flip the loses into wins…

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Our PPC Process

How Do We Start Our PPC Process? To kick it off, we put every new client through the ‘90 Day PPC Blitz’. In simple terms—we get analytics properly set up, we acquire traffic, we analyze the data, we compare to previous data, and once everything is valid we begin a new test. Basically it’s a process..

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