Are Facebook Brand Awareness Ads Effective?

Are Facebook Brand Awareness Ads Effective?

Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to help grow your business, but there are different types of advertising to consider. While most advertising is geared toward generating sales and leads as soon as possible, brand awareness focuses on building brands in the public perception.

Facebook can deliver fantastic short-term advertising results, but brand awareness focuses on the long term.

What is Brand Awareness Facebook Ads?

Brand awareness ads on Facebook evaluate how much time people spend looking at different ads. Through this data, Facebook can determine which people are more likely to recall seeing your advertisement. The feedback from brand awareness ads can help you optimize your advertising on the platform accordingly.

Facebook ads for brand awareness can be used in a variety of ways to help keep the target audience engaged without feeling overwhelmed. In short, keeping your brand in the public mind is what is brand Awareness Facebook ads.


When Should You Use Facebook Brand Awareness Ads?

Brand awareness ads are designed to give you an idea of who will recall your ad if asked within two days. That data can be used to control how frequently your ads will appear to your target demographic. Brand Awareness campaigns can be run for much longer without overwhelming the target audience.

They can also be combined with your traditional direct response campaigns to target users who are most likely to remember your brand.

Are Facebook Brand Awareness Ads Effective?


In the early days of Facebook advertising, simply creating a clever post and sending it into the void was enough to grow your brand. But with millions of outlets competing for attention on the same platform, brand awareness can provide an edge through consistency.

There are hundreds of examples of how brand awareness ads have helped brands stay relevant on Facebook. The critical thing to remember is to be patient with this type of advertising. Commit at least six to twelve months of brand awareness campaigns for your business for maximum effectiveness.

Facebook ads for brand awareness can help local businesses by driving traffic through their doors. A brand awareness objective Facebook Ads campaign set up to run over the period of a few months can help a budding restaurant establish itself in the community.

Facebook Ads Brand Awareness Vs. Reach

Reach is determined by how many people on Facebook have actually viewed your advertisement. The way reach on Facebook recently changed with an update to the algorithm in 2018.

Previously when a person logs onto Facebook, the platform loaded 250 posts. If your advertisement was in the 250 posts loaded, but the user didn’t actually see it, it was still counted as part of your ad’s reach. The 2018 algorithm change only counts posts a user has actually seen within an ad’s reach. So you can be sure that your target audience has viewed the posts in your reach.

Brand Awareness Ads can be used to extend your reach on Facebook, so more eyeballs are seeing the content you post. Facebook prioritizes specific interactions on the site more than others, which can also be a determining factor for your overall reach.

Facebook Ads Brand Awareness Vs. Traffic

Traffic ads on Facebook are designed to direct users to click on the ad and visit your site. These ads are designed to create a direct lead that happens after the ad is viewed, rather than creating a lasting impact.

Brand awareness ads are not necessarily designed to drive traffic or to create sales leads. These types of ads are designed to keep the target audience engaged with your brand and awareness of your product, service, or site. A good Facebook advertising strategy will incorporate traffic advertising with brand awareness objective Facebook ads for maximum reach.


We Can Help You With Facebook Brand Awareness Ads

Creating a great Facebook brand awareness strategy means understanding your key demographic and expanding your reach. We can help you with both by creating tailored advertising objectives for each of Facebook’s advertising types. If you have questions about brand awareness ads on Facebook, feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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