About Us

We build and maintain profitable campaigns for numerous clients across multiple industries. We strive to build brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to your website with a heavy focus on ROI.

Our mission is to make your marketing strategy simple and easy. Operating a business is tiring and time-consuming, which is why it’s a smart idea to have a top online advertising agency help you grow your business.

Who Is Austin Wilson?

At ModernPPC, Austin is the owner and is dedicated to helping brands achieve profitable growth. His notable expertise in paid search marketing is attributed to his 7+ years of experience and over 10k hours spent working on the Google Ads platform. Currently, his focus is on driving team performance by creating efficient processes and implementing effective strategies.

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FYI- other case studies are listed below.

Austin Wilson

Triton Poker Tables


Result: Generated over $241k in revenue from $54k ad budget.

RENU Therapy

renu therapy home page

Result: Generated over $4m in revenue from $475k ad budget.

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