3 Reasons Going Digital is Worth it for Your Advertising

Why Digital Advertising Is Worth It

Digital advertising is changing the way customers interact with businesses across social media, popular websites, and even mobile browsing. Getting more eyeballs on your business is never a bad thing, especially if you have a brand that people are interested in following. Check out these three reasons that digital advertising is worth your consideration for expanding awareness about your business.

How Digital Advertising Provides Adaptability Across Channels

The advertising days of taking out an ad in the newspaper or putting up a billboard are going away. Now, more advertising is done digitally since it is easy to target your consumers to ensure more turnovers when your potential customer sees your product or service.

Just as with physical advertising, there are numerous ways digital advertising can be executed to provide you with the maximum benefit for your business. Seach engine optimization (SEO), social media, e-mail campaigns, pay per click advertising, and more can help you reach a broader audience that you never thought was possible.


Because there are so many starting places with online advertising, that’s why it is essential to choose a professional who can help pinpoint the best advertising niche for your business. Advertising professionals will help you by examining digital advertising trends to showcase some digital advertising examples that have worked well for similar clients in the past.

Social media is one of the most essential digital advertising trends in growing a business online, so your advertising strategy should incorporate sites like Facebook and Twitter into your advertising budget.

How Digital Advertising is Effortlessly Measured


Putting up a billboard or taking out a newspaper ad gives you no way to track how many eyeballs happened across your ad and paid attention to it in any meaningful way. This has been the downfall of traditional advertising since data can help you determine who is your optimal customer and who would be most likely to be interested in your products or services based on their own preferences on major sites that support digital advertising.

Measuring digital advertising is as simple as installing a few scripts on your website or checking the backend of a provider like Google, Facebook, or Twitter to see how well your ad campaign is performing. These measurements will give you great breakdowns like which age bracket prefers your content, whether more males than females are interacting with your ads and more.

This type of granular control lets you micro-target consumers that will be most likely to take up an offer like a coupon or discount shared on Facebook or Twitter so you can turn organic interest into conversions effortlessly. This is one of the reasons why digital advertising works so well since you are able to focus only on the people who would be most likely to buy your product or use your services anyway.

Why Digital Advertising has the Ability to go Viral

Another reason why digital advertising works is that is can go viral and become a meme, or a type of inside joke that people are willing to share over and over. Cleverly done and humorous ads are often shared hundreds of millions of times on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This type of attention can bring an astounding amount of business in a short time, and by measuring digital advertising effects on your business, you can determine whether or not it is having the desired effect for your business. Ultimately, you should consult a professional about the numerous ways you can employ an advertising strategy that uses digital advertising trends for their most significant effect.

Some good digital advertising examples that have been done right are the plucky online video commercials produced by Dollar Shave Club, which is a subscription razor service that seeks new subscribers with heavy digital advertising campaigns.


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