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$215k Made from $14k Ad Spend

*Please note that this client wants to stay private due to how well the accounts are performing.

Client: N/A


Website Focus: Ecommerce

Services Provided: PPC

Business Type: Business to Consumer

Client Industry: N/A

Challenge: This client needed help selling their products on Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Solution: ModernPPC helped this client create a Google Ads account and a Microsoft Ads account. We found their first winning campaign around week 6 on Google. It can take up to 90 days (or sometimes longer) to find a winning campaign.

Google Ads Result: The first month (October 2020) was tough. We face ad disapproval after ad disapproval. It took 4 weeks of going back and forth with Google to get everything approved. This doesn’t always happen but from time to time it does. Be aware of that when starting a Google Ads shopping campaign. Once this was approved we hit the ground running.

In the first 90 days ModernPPC was able to generate $215,495 in revenue while only spending $13,985 on Google Ads for this client! It’s a combination of Shopping ads and Search ads. Their ad account is producing a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 15.41:1. Meaning every time they spend $1 on ads they produce $15.41 in revenue. Please check the table below to see the numbers.

ppc for cold plunge pool
total account roas for cold plunge

Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads) Result: In the first 60 days we made $27,036 revenue from $556 in ad spend on this client’s Microsoft Ads account. It produced a ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) of 24.73:1. Meaning every time they spend $1 on ads they produced $27.43 in revenue. Please check the table below to see the stats.

RENU-Therapy-bing ads
RENU-Therapy-microsoft account